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Article June 28, 2024

Vienna Pharaon on Family-of-Origin Work

The Importance of Looking back to Move Forward

With so many newer approaches focusing on here-and-now experiences, are we forgetting about psychotherapy’s foundation of exploring childhood wounds? Read more

Article June 28, 2024

Sue Johnson changed the field, creating a ripple effect of healing that continues to transform countless relationships. In a mosaic of anecdotes drawn from the... Read more

Video May 28, 2024

Tammy Nelson Discusses Couple and Ketamine

A New Way to Enrich Relationships

Watch our interview with relationship expert Tammy Nelson on how ketamine is supercharging couples work. Read more

Video May 3, 2024

IFS Therapy and The Inner Critic

A Conversation with Carmen Jimenez-Pride

Alicia Muñoz and Carmen Jimenez-Pride, LCSW, explore what it means to develop a healthier, friendlier relationship with our parts. Read more

Article May 1, 2024

Do You Need Psychedelics to Access an Altered State?

How to Move Clients Out of Ordinary Survival Mode

Psychedelics can show clients an alternative to their suffering—but so can many softer, gentler, more gradual approaches clinicians have been perfecting... Read more

Article May 1, 2024

Prentis Hemphill: Personal Healing Meets Social Change

How Somatic Therapy Can Create a Just World

Prentis Hemphill believes justice begins with nurturing authentic, body-based feelings, so people can embody their values and spread them throughout families... Read more

Video April 23, 2024

So You Want to Be Your Client's Friend

Two Therapists Discuss a Clinical Taboo

Join the conversation between two therapists as they discuss the longing for friendship in the therapy room. Read more

Video March 13, 2024

Navigating the Male Friendship Recession

A Conversation with Mark Greene

Watch this interview with Mark Greene about why male friendships seem so difficult for men to get and how therapists can help. Read more

Article March 1, 2024

What Story Does Your Voice Tell?

Insights from a Speech Coach

When we can explore our relationship to our own voice, we can harness one of the most direct paths to authenticity and connection. Read more

Video February 15, 2024

Using AI to Be Better Therapists

A Conversation with Heather Hessel

Will people really turn to a human if a “humanly enough” chatbot is available? What if human-to-human therapy becomes accessible only to a privileged few? Read more

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