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Article June 7, 2024

It’s Not About You

Matching Your Clinical Style with Your Client’s Needs

The more you develop a broad range of skills, comfort zones, and flexibility, the more you’ll be able to tailor your approach to the needs and styles of a... Read more

Article June 6, 2024

"I've Got Nothing to Talk About"

How to Work with Tight-Lipped Clients

What do you do when your client comes to session with nothing to say? Longtime experts in the field offer how to get the conversation going. Read more

Article June 6, 2024

Practice Tools: July/August 2024

The best from across the field of psychotherapy . . . on us!
Lindsay Gibson

This month’s selection is from Lindsay Gibson’s Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents Guided Journal: Your Space to Heal, Reflect and Reconnect... Read more

Video May 28, 2024

Tammy Nelson Discusses Couple and Ketamine

A New Way to Enrich Relationships

Watch our interview with relationship expert Tammy Nelson on how ketamine is supercharging couples work. Read more

Video May 22, 2024

Bessel van der Kolk: 'There's More to Life than Trauma'

The Question You Should Be Asking In Session

From his Symposium workshop, Bessel van der Kolk singles out the one question therapists should be asking their traumatized clients. Read more

Article May 8, 2024

Negotiating a Frightening World

What Role Can Therapists Play?
Diane Barth

Real world events are enough to cause anxiety in anyone. See how this therapist helped an anxious client see the world in a new way. Read more

Article May 7, 2024

Peter Levine on Going Beyond Talk Therapy to Heal Trauma

Using Somatic Experiencing® to Tap into the Unspoken Voice of Our Bodies

Learning how to tune into the subtle shifts that are going on inside us all the time can open us to a wholeness that I call the Authentic Self. Read more

Article May 1, 2024

The Client No One Wants to Treat

What Happens When We Shun Pedophiles in Our Practices

Advocates are calling on more therapists to consider how they can help people whose inclinations toward minors most of us find abhorrent. Read more

Article May 1, 2024

Do You Need Psychedelics to Access an Altered State?

How to Move Clients Out of Ordinary Survival Mode

Psychedelics can show clients an alternative to their suffering—but so can many softer, gentler, more gradual approaches clinicians have been perfecting... Read more

Article May 1, 2024

Taking Sides in Couples Therapy

The Importance of Ditching Neutrality

When one partner is clearly in the wrong, being an impartial couples therapist can do more harm than good. Read more

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