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The Therapy Beat June 28, 2024

The Cultural Competence Dilemma

How Much Can We Rely On a Shared Identity with Clients?

Black Men Heal’s therapy outcomes are defying the odds—and raising questions about what it means to be truly culturally competent. Read more

The Therapy Beat May 1, 2024

The Client No One Wants to Treat

What Happens When We Shun Pedophiles in Our Practices

Advocates are calling on more therapists to consider how they can help people whose inclinations toward minors most of us find abhorrent. Read more

The Therapy Beat March 1, 2024

A New Generation of Analysts

Why Depth Work Still Works

Modern psychoanalysts are breaking free of old tropes, helping diverse clients and communities—and they still believe change takes time. Read more

The Therapy Beat January 3, 2024

Turning the Spotlight on Brainspotting

Did an Unexpected Discovery Reveal a Quicker Path to Healing?

A look at the rise, mysteries, and controversies of Brainspotting, David Grand’s popular trauma-processing technique. Read more

The Therapy Beat November 3, 2023

Let's Talk About Death—and Pass the Cookies

How Death Cafés Can Enrich Our Lives

What is a death café? And why do so many people find them therapeutic? Read more

The Therapy Beat September 1, 2023

The Return of the Enneagram

A Pop-Psych Gimmick or a Path to Self-Knowledge?

The Enneagram is an ancient self-help tool that seems to be experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Does it have a place in the therapy room? Read more

The Therapy Beat July 1, 2023

Hypnosis Revisited

Harnessing Therapy’s Most Versatile Tool

Clinical hypnosis has a rich history, broad applications, and sound research behind it—so why aren’t more therapists using it? Read more

The Therapy Beat April 28, 2023

Getting Individualized Education Plans Right

How Are IEPs Missing the Mark?

How can Individualized Education Plans, which often involve therapists, better ensure that students with disabilities get a fair and proper education? Read more

The Therapy Beat March 1, 2023

Medicare Reimbursement for Counselors and MFTs

The Legislation Finally Passes

After more than three decades of advocacy, counselors and MFTs are finally celebrating a landmark piece of legislation permitting them to receive Medicare... Read more

The Therapy Beat January 4, 2023

The New Premarital Counseling

A Good Match for Therapists?

Premarital counseling is growing in popularity, and research indicates it has numerous benefits. So why aren't more therapists offering it? Read more

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