Of the thousands of meaningful sessions that take place in a therapist’s office, certain ones stand out. They’re the ones that shake us to the core, experiences so powerful that years—sometimes decades—later, we still remember them.

In this special moment from the Networker Symposium's evening of storytelling, clinician Margie Nichols invites us to experience a deeply personal moment from her own therapy experience that transformed the way she works with clients.

Most therapists will recognize transformative stories like this one. What’s clear to most, though, is that the work they do is breathtakingly intimate. We’re witnesses to the deepest nooks and crannies of human experience. We get to be present for the most vital stories of people’s lives.

Margaret Nichols

Margaret Nichols, PhD, has been a licensed psychologist and AASECT Certified sex therapy supervisor working in the LGBTQ community for 35 years. She founded the New Jersey Hyacinth AIDS Foundation and is the founder and president of the Institute for Personal Growth. Her recent publications include chapters in textbooks Principles and Practice of Sex Therapy and Systemic Sex Therapy.



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In the Valley of the Shadow