May/June 2020 Cover

Where Are We Going?

Finding Our Way in a New Reality

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

The stories in this issue are notable not only for their therapeutic wisdom, but also for their... Read more

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Facing the Challenge

Psychotherapy Responds to the Pandemic

If ever a conference devoted to “The Art of Healing in an Anxious Time” was needed, this is that time. Read more

Extra Features

Tales from the Therapy Room

Our Annual Storytelling Feature!

Five therapists recall the up-against-the-wall moments from practice that required them to toss away the usual clinical playbook. Read more

The Audition

From Our Symposium Storytelling Event

What do you do when you're wrong for the part? Read more

Symposium Highlight May 1, 2020

Hot Chips

From Storytelling 2020

When providing a secure base means overturning conventions. Read more

Broken Mirrors

From Storytelling 2020

When we can acknowledge the dark forces that reside within us. Read more

Two Scoops of Vanilla

“I think I broke my therapist”

When a challenging clients brings out our true inner colors. Read more

Letters from Home

From Storytelling 2020
Elliott Connie

Finding hope in a hopeless situation. Read more


Left Behind

Counselors Seek Medicare Reimbursement

Dating at Midlife

A Road Map for Newly Single Clients

The Reality of Home DNA Tests

Are We Prepared to Deal with the Fallout?

If the Dress Fits...

Sorting Through a Closet Full of Memories