May/June 2012

Emotion in the Consulting Room

How Therapists Really Feel about Feelings

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

This issue maps out not only what the latest science tells us about how emotion works, but also how... Read more

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The Power of Emotion in Therapy

How to Harness this Great Motivator

Neuroscientists recently established emotion is the prime force shaping how we cope with life’s challenges. Psychotherapists are beginning to learn how to... Read more

Connecting with the Shut-down Client

Helping A Combat Vet Face His Vulnerability

Resonating with clients’ inner experience is key to working effectively with emotion in therapy. With traumatized and shutdown clients, however, it is easy... Read more

Why We Cry

A Clinician’s Guide

Our understanding of what happens when we weep hasn't progressed much beyond Freud's theory of catharsis. However, knowing how our nervous systems work can... Read more

In Praise of Therapeutic Crying

Therapy’s Best Kept Secret

Too many therapists today confuse the healing release of tears with the helpless despair triggered by reliving traumatizing memories in therapy. Read more

Extra Feature

Symposium Highlight May 1, 2012

Symposium 2012

Embracing the New Wisdom

Andrew Weil, Mary Pipher, and Dan Siegel, along with 150 other presenters, not only helped the Networker Symposium celebrate its 35th anniversary, but... Read more