July/August 2011

The New Grief

Are We Casualties of Medicine's War on Death?

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

As the writers in this issue powerfully demonstrate, medical science has made extended dying and... Read more

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The New Grief

Long, Long Day's Journey Into Night

The increasing ability of modern medicine to arrest or slow terminal illness means that never before has death been such an extended process for so many. But... Read more

Is Enough Ever Enough?

The Right-to-Die Debate

We’re living longer and longer, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that we’d choose to live through a painful terminal illnesses. Do we have the right to... Read more

Unhappy Endings

Death as Technology’s Slave

A perverse set of financial incentives within the medical system too often leads to the promotion of maximum treatment, no matter what. When this happens... Read more


Each of Us Owes the Universe a Death

In a very dark corner of each of our minds is a voice that says, “I’m going to die. One day, I’m going to die.” How we react to this voice determines... Read more

Extra Feature

The Stories We Live

In therapy—as in Fiction—There’s Always Possibility

Both doing psychotherapy and the writing of fiction are about stories. The essence of the art of both pursuits is the openness to the possibility that, no... Read more