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When Helping Doesn't Help

What to Do When Your Client Doesn't Want to Change

David Burns

By David Burns - What if a client's resistance to change reveals something positive, beautiful, and even healthy about them—something that we’ve overlooked? If we can learn to put unconscious resistance front and center in our clinical work, we can lessen or even eliminate our clients’ resistance altogether.


The Key to Dramatically Accelerating Anxiety Treatment

Being Anxious Doesn’t Mean You’re Anxious to Change

Rich Simon

Most therapists assume that, just as any rational person with a broken arm would be an eager customer for medical care, surely a person suffering from severe anxiety or depression would be equally motivated to receive the healing we offer. But what if this isn’t the case?


Does Your Depressed Client Even Want to Change?

David Burns on Using Paradoxical Agenda Setting

Rich Simon

When a client seeks therapeutic help for depression, often the immediate response is to help them find what needs to change in their life to alleviate their depression. But what if the client isn't actively seeking change?


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