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Can Therapists Help Save the Planet?

Moving from Climate Complicity to Action

Jennifer Freeman

By Jennifer Freeman - We humans are not separate from nature, we are nature. Leaving behind the sense of grim, pressured responsibility that can accompany our climate crises, how extraordinary if we, with our clients, become part of the collective who are creating a counter-tsunami of responsive love for our exquisitely beautiful earth.


Beyond Beige

Surviving a Battle with Severe Depression

Martha Manning

By Martha Manning - Depression hits you where you live, annihilating even the basic functions, and graduating to the most complex. At its worst, depression extinguishes the pilot light, depriving you of the substrate that makes you feel real.


Does Your Depressed Client Even Want to Change?

David Burns on Using Paradoxical Agenda Setting

Rich Simon

When a client seeks therapeutic help for depression, often the immediate response is to help them find what needs to change in their life to alleviate their depression. But what if the client isn't actively seeking change?


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