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A New Approach to Diagnosis

Getting Beyond the Limits of Diagnostic Categories

Rich Simon • 1 Comment

Darrel Regier, vice chair of the DSM-5 Task Force and director of the APA’s research division, argues that DSM-5 is less about assessing fixed characteristics in clients than it is about guiding clinicians to think more dimensionally about diagnosis.


Developmental Trauma Disorder: Distinguishing, Diagnosing, and the DSM

How One Tenacious Task Force Worked to Separate Developmental Trauma Disorder from PTSD in DSM-5

Mary Sykes Wylie • 10 Comments

In 2005, a complex trauma task force began working on constructing a new diagnosis called Developmental Trauma Disorder, which, they hoped, would capture the multifaceted reality experienced by chronically abused children and adolescents.


Responding to the Critics of DSM-5

Darrel Regier On Why Diagnostic Changes Were Made

Rich Simon • 2 Comments

Despite the number of criticisms it has incurred, there was a method to the so-called madness of DSM-5.


What's The Value Of A Diagnostic Category In The DSM?

Gary Greenberg on the Role of Economic Factors in the Shaping of the DSM

Rich Simon • No Comments

By giving diagnostic criteria and a name to a specific human suffering, an entry in the DSM increases the likelihood of research and treatment dollars going to that condition.


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