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March/April 2011
- Disputing the vaccine-autism link - The continuing furor over DSM-5 - Psychologists fact-checking Wikipedia - Therapists who talk too much

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The Grieving Therapist

Take a Break, or Keep Going?

What practical guidance can you offer a therapist whose personal grief is so deep that she's finding it hard to stay present for clients? Six clinicians weigh in.

Daily Blog

Who's Steering the Boat?

Navigating Therapy with Today's Clients

January/February 2018
Today’s clients are shifting out of their customary position of mannerly deference and asserting far more specifically what they want—and don’t want—from therapy. Increasingly, therapists are moving from the role of acknowledged expert in the room to something approaching an informed colleague. For some, it’s a sea change in professional identity, but a growing body of evidence suggests it pays off.

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Beyond the Rational

Medical Science is Finally Catching Up With Family Therapists

September/October 1998
A hunger for the sacred permeates much of Western culture now, along with a willingness to learn from what was once called the primitive and the superstitious. We are not sure what we are missing, but we know we are missing something.

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