Emotional Support Animals

Cures or Crutches?

In the last few decades, pets who offer company and calm have become therapeutic tools to help people manage their mental health. Read more

In Consultation January 3, 2024

Tapping Our Way into Healing

A Simple, Empowering Tool for Self-regulation

Tapping, a simple tool for self-regulation, can be surprisingly fun and easy to teach clients. Read more

The Therapy Beat January 3, 2024

Turning the Spotlight on Brainspotting

Did an Unexpected Discovery Reveal a Quicker Path to Healing?

A look at the rise, mysteries, and controversies of Brainspotting, David Grand’s popular trauma-processing technique. Read more

Ron Taffel talks with Angela Diaz, Director of the Mount Sinai Adolescent Center, on how we can tailor our interventions to meet the unique needs of our young... Read more

The Reassurance Trap

Living with Uncertainly

We can’t guarantee certainty about anything, really. But some of us become haunted by needing to know for sure. We call this unrelenting need the Reassurance... Read more

The Inner Selfie

A Technique for Guiding Young People Toward Self Discovery

It’s simply a way of talking about our internal sense of self, our inner strength and wisdom. It can help young clients down-regulate, guide them to inhabit... Read more

Spitting in the Client's Soup

Don’t Overthink Your Interventions

In our profession, it’s often more alluring to explore new gimmicks than to acknowledge that our success largely hinges on simple, commonsense factors. Read more

Case Study January 1, 2015

Voices of Reason

Empowering clients to alter their internal experiences

The case of a young man hearing voices shows how even problems that first appear to be extreme can be resolved by empowering clients to alter subtle aspects of... Read more

The Therapist as Improv Actor?

Ann Randolph on Using Acting to Access Emotions

Ann Randolph talks about one acting technique in particular that can easily be incorporated into therapy sessions to help clients express their emotions. Read more

How To Follow Clients’ Subtle Clues To Deep Healing Places

Diana Fosha Shares an Example from Her Own Work

Diana Fosha uses an example from her own practice of how therapists can begin to catch incongruity Read more

Does Your Depressed Client Even Want to Change?

David Burns on Using Paradoxical Agenda Setting

David Burns talks about how to set an agenda for therapy. Read more

Learning What a Depressed Client Needs

Elisha Goldstein on Individually Treating Cases of Depression

Elisha Goldstein asks clients what they need in tough moments and explains why it helps them learn to trust themselves. Read more

Working Through the Childhood Wounds that Feed Depression

Judith Beck on Understanding Emotions Intellectually

Judith Beck talks about an intellectual technique that she uses when doing childhood work with adult clients suffering from depression. Read more

VIDEO: Desiring Change, but Clinging to the Familiar

David Burns on Turning Resistance into the Voice of Change

David Burns discusses the key to reaching resistant clients—and it's not a new technique. Read more

VIDEO: Ending Therapy: The Importance of Planned Termination

How to Ease the Transition Out of the Therapy Relationship

Lisa Ferentz discusses how to effectively terminate therapy with a client. Read more