The Ambivalence Trap

Liberating Ourselves from the Pursuit of Perfection

A psychiatrist questions taking her own medicine. Read more

VIDEO: How to Think Scientifically about Medications

Why Having a Hypothesis Works for the Non-Medical Therapist

Despite the increasing popularity of psychiatric meds as the go-to remedy for everything from seasonal depression to social anxiety, drugs are often not the... Read more

Then, Now & Tomorrow

Oral Histories of Psychotherapy 1978-2017

A group of innovators and leaders look back over different realms of therapeutic practice and offer their view of the eureka moments, the mistakes and... Read more

Open Book June 30, 2016

Have SSRIs Gotten a Bad Rep?

The Author of "Listening to Prozac" Thinks So

In his latest book, Peter Kramer argues that medications represent the best, most effective tool for fighting the bleakness of depression. Read more

SSRIs in Perspective

Have They Lived up to Their Promise?

After wading through the controversies and contradictions in the research literature on SSRIs, a critic of Big Pharma explains why he thinks these drugs may... Read more

A Brief History of Psychotherapy

A Mosaic of the Psychotherapy Networker, 1982-2012

Over the years, our front-of-the-book department has not only given readers plenty of tasty factoids to chew on, but also revealed how the seasons of the... Read more

The Rise and Fall of PaxMedica

Welcome to the new era of brain-based therapy
John Arden and Lloyd Linford

In the 1970s, the rise of Prozac, the DSM-III, and "evidence-based" therapies brought the appearance of coherence and order to mental health professions under... Read more

Rx for Passion

Antidepressants needn't depress the libido

From the March/April 1999 issue As a psychiatrist and couples therapist, some days it seems as if I never talk about anything but sex. And increasingly, I... Read more