Magdalini Agrafioti

Is there a way to engage in self-care while in conversation with someone or in session? Learn more about nonviolent communication, a mindful approach to... Read more

Therapists Need Help Too

A Personal Story about the Importance of Self-Care

Why would a therapist need to see a therapist? Dr. JaQuinda Jackson discusses the reasons why mental health clinicians need professional help more than anyone... Read more

Therapist SOS (Strategies of Self-Care)

Demanding Days and Decompressing Head to Toe

Staying fine-tuned to self-care through ongoing self-awareness and regular, mindful personal-battery recharging is imperative for clinicians. Read more

It isn’t easy to learn self-care. Sometimes, you need to go through a fiery furnace to arrive at a place of centeredness. Read more

Clinician's Quandary November 11, 2020

Out of Office

Therapists’ Passions and What They Teach Us about Practice
Psychotherapy Networker

Therapists aren’t just therapists. We’re people, with interests, hobbies, and passions that not only give us fulfilment outside of work, but enhance our... Read more


Self-Care Shifts toward Authenticity

In my years of working with myself and my clients around self-care, I’ve learned that there is no such thing as perfect self-care. Instead, I’ve found... Read more

Lessons from the Masters

Four Seasoned Therapists Share Their Expertise
Psychotherapy Networker

As experts in any field will tell you, the secret to honing your craft is practice, practice, practice. But a little advice doesn’t hurt either. Here, four... Read more

Five Things Seasoned Therapists Wish They'd Known

. . . And the One Question You Should Always Ask Your Clients

Whether they’ve been practicing for three months or three decades, therapists are continuously honing their craft. But much of what we learn through trial... Read more

What Self-Care Means to Me

Therapists on Boundaries, Outlets, and More

As any therapist will tell you, self-care is an integral part of our work. When we take care of ourselves, we take care of our clients. But what does... Read more

Isolation and Self-Care

Singing from the Balconies

Even in a restrictive time like this, when so many of us are divorced from the ordinary structures of our lives, there are practical things we can do to... Read more

Symposium Highlight April 15, 2020

VIDEO: Bessel van der Kolk on Taking Care of Our Mental Health During Coronavirus

What the Research Says about Staying Connected in Times of Crisis

How do you find community in the midst of physical distancing? However you can. In this clip from the 2020 Networker Virtual Symposium, trauma expert Bessel... Read more

Clinician's Quandary January 7, 2020

Addressing Vicarious Trauma

Five Clinicians Weigh In
Psychotherapy Networker

A new client who survived a harrowing car crash is going through a deep depression. When she recounts her story, her therapist feels unusually affected, as if... Read more

Therapist Peer Groups, the "Emotional Lifeboat"

Doing Self-Care by Yourself Isn't Always Enough

In the sea of trauma that surrounds us in our daily lives and in our offices, self-care is a life jacket. But collective trauma needs a collective... Read more

Saving My Younger Self

Black Therapists Rock Member Profile

Therapists who grew up in the communities of color they serve often have the social capital and particular wisdom to better understand clients’ core needs... Read more

Clinician's Quandary August 6, 2019

I’m Feeling Burned Out

Five Clinicians Give Their Advice
Psychotherapy Networker

Recently, a therapist has found herself losing steam. She mentally checks out when clients are talking, and constantly feels exhausted. She worries this... Read more

Creating a Web of Connection

Therapists in Search of Community

Therapists are always on the lookout for new approaches and techniques. But in a profession with alarming rates of burnout and professional isolation, the best... Read more

VIDEO: Doing Self-Care Right

Sabrina N'Diaye on Tapping Into Your Innate Wisdom

Increasingly, therapists are looking for alternatives to the office-bound rigidity of traditional private practice. In the following interview, The Center for... Read more

When Doing Nothing is Everything

Especially with Kids, Learning to Slow Down Is a Precious Gift

When I got sick, something amazing happened: I let go of my agenda. Poof—just like that. In the process, I learned there’s nothing more important than... Read more

Learning to Look at Anxiety in a New Way

The Two Truths About the Nature of Anxiety Disorders
Graham Campbell

Anxiety disorders are a means of keeping the external world at bay. Anxiety keeps new ideas and information out of a person's awareness. It saves overloaded... Read more

What do we know as therapists that can guide us in moving forward in both our personal lives as well as our work with clients? Read more

Burnout Reconsidered

What Supershrinks Can Teach Us

Jessica, a counselor in her mid-30’s, works at a large, public mental health clinic in a major metropolitan area. Her workday begins early, the alarm... Read more

Little and Often

Using Micro-Practices for Self-Care

It was a series of upending life events over a period of years—some bad, some good, all unexpected and disorienting—that gradually propelled me into a... Read more

Seeking the Silence

Wilderness Solitude Opens New Doorways into the Self

At an age when many are sticking even closer to their couches and remote controls, a restless soul decides to seize his last chance to explore the wilderness... Read more

Crisis Land

A View From Inside A Behavioral Health Team

Attending to clients' mental health issues as part of a behavioral health team can be both stressful and exhilarating. Read more

Appointments With Yourself

Don't Mistake Your Schedule for your Life

The search for the elusive experience of being "in the moment" isn't as complicated as you think. All it takes is a cup of tea, a walk, a question, a blessing... Read more