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Braving the Unknown

The Search for New Solutions

We once believed that following in the footsteps of the medical model would ensure the viability of mental health professionals. But in the face of growing... Read more

How Psychotherapy Lost Its Magick

The Art of Healing in an Age of Science

Studies show more people pay for the services of advisors claiming special powers than see mental health practitioners. How can mentalists and mediums be... Read more

Burnout Reconsidered

What Supershrinks Can Teach Us

Jessica, a counselor in her mid-30’s, works at a large, public mental health clinic in a major metropolitan area. Her workday begins early, the alarm... Read more

Becoming a Supershrink: Three Steps to Professional Excellence

Getting Client Feedback Isn’t Always Easy, But It's a Necessary Step

Most therapists, when asked, report checking in routinely for client feedback and knowing when to do so. But research has found this to be far from true. Read more

Improving Therapeutic Effectiveness: Moving Beyond Reliable Performance

How Can We Make Progress in Our Therapeutic Effectiveness?

K. Anders Ericsson’s work on deliberate practice and client feedback explains studies showing that most of us grow continually in confidence over the course... Read more

Deliberate Practice: The First Step on the Path to Professional Excellence

One Team Finds that Deliberate Practice is the First Step to Becoming a Superior Therapist

How do the supershrinks do what they do? Are they made or born? Is it a matter of temperament or training? Have they discovered a secret unknown to other... Read more

The Road To Mastery

What’s Missing from this Picture?

Therapists usually enter the field because they’re drawn to it and have innate capacities to do the work. But whether they excel depends largely on their... Read more


What's the Secret of Their Success?

Why do some therapists clearly stand out above the rest, consistently getting far better results than most of their colleagues? According to the research, it... Read more

How Being Bad Can Make You Better

Developing a Culture of Feedback in Your Practice

Regularly using a few simple feedback measures—plus paying close attention to your failures—can make you a better therapist. Read more

Mark Hubble

Mark Hubble, PhD, is a cofounder of the Institute for the Study of Therapeutic Change. He has co-authored and edited numerous professional articles and books, including The Heart and Soul of Change: What Works in Therapy; Escape from Babel; Psychotherapy with Impossible Cases; and The Heroic Client. Recently, Hubble co-released a self-help book, Staying on Top and Keeping the Sand Out of Your Pants: A Surfer’s Guide to the Good Life.