Supporting Women's Voices

Carol Gilligan on Today's Patriarchy

More than 50 years after feminist psychologist Carol Gilligan's pivotal study on how women think about the choices in their lives, she speaks up about our... Read more

The Therapy Beat September 14, 2022

The Ideation Factor

Changing How We Think about Youth Suicide

Suicidal ideation among teens is overlooked, understudied, and sometimes even willfully ignored. Read more

Treating Trauma From the Top Down

A Cognitive Path to Healing

When it comes to designating best practices for treating trauma, where does the research stand? And where is the field going? Read more

Open Book March 5, 2020

Exposing the Hoax

The Inside Story of the Rosenhan Study

In her new book, author Susannah Cahalan exposes the fabrications of one of psychology’s most famous studies. Read more

Meet You in McGinnis Meadows

Lessons in Attunement

What horsemanship can teach us about making sure our clients feel seen, heard, and helped. Read more

Point of View October 28, 2019

Research or Reality?

The Flawed Science of Psychotherapy

As academic researchers continue the push for manualized, protocol-driven therapy, a psychodynamic therapist pushes back. Read more

How Psychotherapy Lost Its Magick

The Art of Healing in an Age of Science

Studies show more people pay for the services of advisors claiming special powers than see mental health practitioners. How can mentalists and mediums be... Read more

Point of View March 7, 2014

The Little Things

Love in the Consulting Room

Barbara Fredrickson’s research on the biology of love and positivity demystifies our ideas about the role of intimacy, connection, and resilience in our... Read more

What's The Value Of A Diagnostic Category In The DSM?

Gary Greenberg on the Role of Economic Factors in the Shaping of the DSM

Gary Greenberg deconstructs the DSM and how it affects the field and your practice. Read more

You’re Never Too Old to Change

Michael Gelb On The Most Effective Methods Of Change

Michael Gelb discusses time-tested wisdom that helps people change their lives. Read more

Point of View November 1, 2011

Our Potential for Good

Altruism as an Evolutionary Imperative

Psychologist Darcher Keltner believes that underestimating our capacity for altruism does human nature a disservice. Read more

Editor's Note: March/April 2011

Creating a 21st-Century Learning Community

This issue is noteworthy not only for its subject—tracking the influence of attachment research on psychotherapy theory and practice—but also because it... Read more

Point of View November 1, 2010

Telling It Like It Is

Donald Meichenbaum Doesn't Mince Words

Long an acerbic critic of the trendy and faddish, Don Meichenbaum, one of the founders of CBT, is still determined to separate myth from reality in the world... Read more

Depression: Have We Got It Wrong?

Questions about the serotonin hypothesis

Two new studies suggest that the conventional wisdom fostered by drug companies about what causes depression and how both the brain and the Prozac generation... Read more