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The Therapy Beat January 1, 2012

- Mental health systems under stress - The timing of trauma treatment - The revolt against DSM-5 Read more

Depression: Have We Got It Wrong?

Questions about the serotonin hypothesis

Two new studies suggest that the conventional wisdom fostered by drug companies about what causes depression and how both the brain and the Prozac generation... Read more

Children in Crisis?

Concerns about the growing popularity of the bipolar diagnosis

Bipolar disorder was first flagged as a pediatric illness in the mid-1990s, when researchers led by Joseph Biederman of Harvard and Barbara Geller of... Read more

Adult Time for Adult Crime

Have We Lost Faith in Rehabilitating Juvenile Offenders?

For the past 20 years, the American criminal justice system has dealt with juvenile offenders in a way it never did before: by treating them like adults who... Read more

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