Quieting the Relentless Inner Critic

Memory Reconsolidation in Action

Pulling back the curtain on the mysterious and often misunderstood reconsolidation process can bring greater precision and depth to our interventions. Read more

Relational EMDR Therapy

Showing Up for Our Clients

Being an expert in your method is only part of the work. Sometimes our clients need us to go beyond administering a protocol. Read more

Strengthening Personal Boundaries

The Bioenergetic Approach

Asserting boundaries sometimes means confronting painful loss, but in these cases, helping them reinforce their boundaries has led to greater satisfaction. Read more

An Awareness of the Soul

What Does It Mean to Really Get in Touch with Yourself?

When I was 5 years old, I experienced something that made me feel viscerally, mentally, emotionally, and inescapably connected to everything and everyone... Read more

Open Book March 8, 2016

Examining the Science of Torture

The Price of Coercive Interrogation

A startling new book exposes how much more the military’s embrace of enhanced interrogation tactics in the war on terror was influenced by Hollywood, rather... Read more

Point of View November 12, 2014

The Malleability of Memory

Putting Psychotherapy on the Witness Stand

During the false memory controversies of the 1990s, many therapists saw Elizabeth Loftus, one of the most honored psychologists in the history of the field, as... Read more

VIDEO: Creating Antidote Experiences in Therapy

How to Turn Positive Mental States into Enduring Traits

In this video clip, Rick talks about how to activate positive mental states and help clients embody them so that they become permanent resources. Read more

Working Through the Childhood Wounds that Feed Depression

Judith Beck on Understanding Emotions Intellectually

Judith Beck talks about an intellectual technique that she uses when doing childhood work with adult clients suffering from depression. Read more

VIDEO: Our Bottom Line Responsibility as Therapists

Rick Hanson on Working with the Brain for Lasting Change

People seek us out because they want change. Some want to be less anxious or less depressed, some want to be better able to control themselves in interactions... Read more

A Brief History of Psychotherapy

A Mosaic of the Psychotherapy Networker, 1982-2012

Over the years, our front-of-the-book department has not only given readers plenty of tasty factoids to chew on, but also revealed how the seasons of the... Read more

Open Book January 1, 2011

Misstating the Obvious

The Pitfalls of Doing What Comes Naturally

While many therapists like to trust their intuition, research shows how often "gut instinct" can lead us astray. Read more

Family Matters November 1, 2007

Learning from Memory

Sometimes the True Value of a Gift Can Only Be Appreciated Later

A parentless woman recalls her childhood Christmas rituals. Read more

The Mission Memory

Furnishing our Present with Specters of the Past

Every response, belief, action, and emotion can be seen as a wave of memory. The present is gauged by how much it joins or fails our memories. So what is the... Read more