Tapering Off Meds

A Holistic Approach

For people who want to taper off psychotropic drugs, nutritional therapies and integrative methods may provide a promising alternative. Read more

In Consultation March 1, 2023

Are We Treating Binge Eating All Wrong?

Removing the Shame and Building Self-Trust

Binge-eating disorder is the most common eating disorder, but it’s also the most underdiagnosed and misunderstood. Read more

Point of View November 3, 2016

Food and Mood

What Every Therapist Needs to Know about Nutrition

What therapists should know about nutrition and the food-mood connection. An interview with Joan Borysenko. Read more

Family Matters May 12, 2014

Me and My Belly

A Lifelong Relationship

A middle-aged man explores his troubled relationship with the body his genetics have saddled him with. Read more

In Consultation January 8, 2014

How Food Improves Mood

Bringing Nutrition into the Consulting Room

Learning even a little about nutrition and diet can greatly enhance therapists’ ability to help clients with mood problems. Read more

How Addressing Nutrition Makes Talk Therapy More Effective

Leslie Korn On Nutrition’s Leading Role In Optimal Mental Health

Since psychotherapists are not routinely trained to factor in the role of nutrition, Leslie Korn’s focus on why and how to incorporate nutritional... Read more

Open Book July 8, 2013

The Taste Bud Conspiracy

Are we the victims of the food industry?

A new book exposes the story of the corporate competition for our taste buds and ever-expanding tummies. Read more

Editor's Note: January/February 2011

Eating To Live, Not Living To Eat

The old maxim "You should eat to live, not live to eat" may sound wise, but it's based on a profound misreading of the fundamental facts of human biology. Read more

Recipe For Life

Is Attuned Eating the Answer to Diet Failure?

Despite the common cultural notion that anyone can successfully lose weight---constantly reinforced by the $60 billion-a-year diet industry---at least 95... Read more

Chew Wisely

The Joy of Playing With Your Food

Remember as a kid being scrupulously taught that eating was a serious business that brooked no nonsense? A lifetime later, this author discovered that---as... Read more

I Think, Therefore I Eat

Skills for Successful Dieting

From the viewpoint of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, the reason that dieters so frequently fail to stick to their healthy eating plans is simple: knowing what... Read more

It's Not About The Food

The Truth About Eating Disorders

The key to working effectively with eating disorders is understanding that starving, bingeing, and purging aren't simply bad habits. For treatment to work, it... Read more