In Consultation November 3, 2023

Rethinking Codependence

An Attachment-Based Framework for Caregivers

Does codependency pathologize our natural willingness to help those we love? Read more

It isn’t easy to learn self-care. Sometimes, you need to go through a fiery furnace to arrive at a place of centeredness. Read more

IFS and Chronic Pain

Listening to Inner Parts that Hold the Hurt

If most chronic pain is maintained by complex mind–body interactions, how can therapists help treat it? Read more

The Therapy Beat November 3, 2020

The pandemic continues to strain small addiction clinics and their struggling clients. Read more

The Addict in All of Us

Gabor Maté's Unflinching Vision

Canadian physician Gabor Maté believes that addictive behaviors are woven into the very fabric of our materialistic society. Read more

The Therapy Beat October 28, 2019

A new documentary on comedian Darrell Hammond’s life spotlights the legacy of childhood trauma. Read more

High Times in Therapy

Are We Ready to Talk Pot?

Thirty-three states and the District of Columbia have legalized medicinal or recreational marijuana, or both. But sizeable protests against legalization are... Read more

A Bridge to Recovery

A Grassroots Approach to the Opioid Crisis

Years into the opioid epidemic, a journalist travels to the hardest-hit state to get an up-close look at addiction treatment and the “radically... Read more

Fighting the Epidemic

An Interview with the Author of Dopesick

An interview with Beth Macy, author of Dopesick, on solution-oriented journalism and creative ways of confronting the opioid crisis. Read more

The Challenge of Harm Reduction

Changing Attitudes Toward Addiction Treatment

Until they’ve done the challenging and sometimes painful work in therapy, many people can’t even begin to imagine curtailing their drug use. For them... Read more

Craving Device-Free Attention

Technoconflicts in Families Today

Therapists are used to adolescent girls grumbling about their hovering, overinvolved parents. But these days, many have a new complaint—technoference in the... Read more

Symposium Highlight May 6, 2019

Healing as a Subversive Act

Interconnections vs. Individuals

In his opening keynote, Canadian physician Gabor Maté called on therapists to expand their frame of reference and recognize how their job is too often a kind... Read more

Open Book December 26, 2018

The Scourge of Opioids

A Close-Up Look at the Epidemic

A new book takes a close-up look at the opioid epidemic in America. Read more

Between Two Worlds

Trauma Treatment on the Edge
Marcela Ot’alora G.

A clinician accustomed to treating trauma in her private practice is also an investigator of an MDMA-assisted psychotherapy research project. From this dual... Read more

As a researcher and outspoken advocate for therapeutic innovation, Bessel van der Kolk has been as influential as anyone in shaping the landscape of trauma... Read more

The Ayahuasca Experience

Is There a Place for Shamanic Wisdom in Western Psychology?

A world-renowned trauma expert shares his personal experience with the power of ayahuasca ceremonies to heal addiction, PTSD, and ingrained patterns that... Read more

Chronic Pain Reconsidered

A New Role for Therapists

Only one percent of patients suffering from acute back pain have a significant structural abnormality in their back, and a remarkably low percentage of back... Read more

The Labels We Use

When It Comes to Addiction, Sometimes a Diagnosis is a Client's Best Motivator

The labels we use to describe clients’ behaviors have important therapeutic implications. Sometimes using the word addiction and explaining its neurological... Read more

Who's Steering the Boat?

Navigating Therapy with Today's Clients

Today’s clients are shifting out of their customary position of mannerly deference and asserting far more specifically what they want—and don’t... Read more

The Therapy Beat May 1, 2017

How have the practitioners in rural communities been responding to America’s opioid epidemic? Read more

Pornography on the Rise: A Growing Mental Health Problem

Wendy Maltz on the Need to Address Porn Addiction as a Public Health Threat

Nearly 40 million Americans visit Internet porn sites at least once a month. Not surprisingly, concerns about the effect of porn on individuals and... Read more

The www.Addiction

Few of Us Can Resist the Seduction of the Internet

Have you ever noticed how often you surf the net or check e-mail when you feel bored or restless or depressed, as if relief is just a click away? The Internet... Read more

Working with Alcoholics

AA as a Crucial Adjunct to Therapy
Mark Schenker

Therapists need to get beyond the common misconception about Alcoholics Anonymous. Read more