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In Consultation

Mission Possible: The Art of Engaging Tough Teens

January/February 2008
What to do when your teen clients give you the silent treatment.

Clinician's Digest

November/December 2007
- Good News About Childhood ADHD - Beware of Internet Self-Disclosure - When Friendship Turns Toxic - More Therapies for Borderline Personalities - Depression, Pregnancy, and SSRIs - Yawning in Therapy

Stairway to Heaven

Treating children in the crosshairs of trauma

March/April 2007
The tragic confrontation at Waco, Texas, in 1993 taught us much about what to do to help traumatized children, and perhaps even more about what not to do.

In Consultation

The Motherhood Marathon: Acknowledging the challenge of modern childrearing

March/April 2007
Too many therapists underestimate the psychological trials of motherhood.

Case Studies

The Teenager Who Was a Liar: Helping a family redefine its story

March/April 2007
Facing the challenge of working with a dissembling adolescent in a blended family means changing the "official story" of the problem.


Flattery Will Get Them Nowhere
Are we overpraising our children?

July/August 2007
The way we praise our children can affect how they view themselves, and their future performance.

No Gurus Need Apply

A disciplined protocol for troubled teens

January/February 2007
A professor skeptical of the clinical value of family therapy may be doing more to extend the legacy of systems therapy than anyone working with adolescents today.

Clinician's Digest

January/February 2007
A More Powerful Antidepressant * Identifying the more discredited therapies * Assessing Childhood-Obesity Prevention * Evaluating antipsychotic meds * Treatment for chronic fatigue symdrome * Internet porn

The Divided Self

Inside the World of 21st Century Teens

July/August 2006
For decades before and after World War II, children all over the United States hung out, had slumber parties, made crank phone calls, and played sports unsupervised. They didn't need the help of adults to set up play dates or hand out certificates of participation. As we know all too well by now, we no longer live in that world. What's less apparent is that, despite the appearance of greater parental involvement and psychological sophistication, most adults are just as clueless about the "second family" of their children's peer group and adolescent pop culture as they ever were.


Hanging Out With the In Crowd on Myspace.com

July/August 2006
Hanging out with the in crowd on MySpace.com.
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