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Case Study

Crossing Cultures: The Surprising Complexity of Countertransference

July/August 2020
A shared cultural understanding can be a powerful asset in therapy, adding a familiarity and depth to the exploration of countertransference.

Editor's Note

September/October 2020
How can therapists of all races and ethnicities support their clients of color in voicing their experiences of racial oppression and naming what they need to heal? And how can white therapists in particular use their skills and commitment to self-awareness to look more deeply at themselves and their privilege?
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Race and Healing

Expanding the Conversation

September/October 2020
Now, more than ever, we’re engaged as a society in finding ways to have a truly meaningful dialogue about race and racism. But how do we translate good intentions into practice? In this discussion, six clinicians of color speak candidly with a white therapist about what actually helps heal race-based stress and trauma, rather than just pay it lip service.
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When the World Won't Hold Us

Finding Agency in the Suffering

September/October 2020
In this time of uncertainty and turmoil, it’s crucial to recognize that suffering and trauma are not the same thing.

Working With Internalized Racism

From Shame to Unburdening with IFS

September/October 2020
While the Black Lives Matter movement has increased the country’s understanding of the pernicious impact of racism, how do people actually do the internal work of grappling with the unacknowledged racism within themselves?

The Legacy of Historical Trauma

Grasping the Larger Story

September/October 2020
Bringing the larger story of inherited trauma into the therapy room.

The Agreement

Tackling a Teachable Moment on Race

September/October 2020
In the days after George Floyd’s murder, and amidst their work to address gang-related trauma and violence, a white therapist and her Black cofacilitator wrestle with the nuances of privilege and relationship.

The Therapy Beat

Can Therapists Help Parents Raise Antiracist Kids?

September/October 2020
If ever there was a moment to talk with children about racism and antiracism, it’s now. But how, exactly?

The Therapy Beat

The Effects of COVID-19 on Addiction Treatment

November/December 2020
The pandemic continues to strain small addiction clinics and their struggling clients.

In Consultation

Money Matters: Getting Clear with Ourselves and Our Clients

November/December 2020
Knowing your financial worth as a therapist can model self-care and self-respect for clients.
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