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The www.Addiction

Few of Us Can Resist the Seduction of the Internet

September/October 2010
Have you ever noticed how often you surf the net or check e-mail when you feel bored or restless or depressed, as if relief is just a click away? The Internet doesn't just provide information or social connection: it can be its own form of cybercoke.

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The Way To Say It... What to do when your hot buttons get pushed

May/June 2010
Some practical guidelines for handling confrontive and critical clients.

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Working with Alcoholics: AA as a crucial adjunct to therapy

March/April 2009
Therapists need to get beyond the common misconception about Alcoholics Anonymous.

The Missing Piece

Helping Asperger's clients find connection

July/August 2009
To go through life with Asperger's as an adult is like walking onto a stage and being the only actor who doesn't know the lines or plot. But as the condition becomes better understood, therapists are developing ways to provide stages directions that can make a difference.

Case Studies

Reversing Chronic Pain: Ten steps to reduce suffering

July/August 2009
More and more chronic pain patients are being referred to therapists after their physicians conclude that they show every appearance of being healed.

Practice Makes Perfect

There's no shortcut to lasting change

September/October 2008
Many clients believe that the therapy process all by itself will magically improve their lives and relationships. We must help them recognize that without their own consistent efforts, therapy is unlikely to give them what they want.

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Enlisting the ODD Child: How to move beyond the power struggle

November/December 2008
Helping kids with OCD begins with getting past the many myths surrounding the disorder.

But Will It Help "Those" Clients?

November/December 2007
Once skeptical about the value of regularly seeking client feedback, therapists at a public agency become true believers.

Clinician's Digest

July/August 2007
Psychodynamic therapy makes a comeback * New hope for the treatment of bipolar depression * Psychotherapy for infants * Diagnosing pediatric bipolar disorder * Promoting self-help * A new trauma diagnosis * How well do therapists diagnose?

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Something For Nothing

July/August 2007
Shoplifting, now a worldwide epidemic, is curiously neglected by the mental health field.
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