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The Black Youth Suicide Epidemic

Confronting Misconceptions and Inequities

January/February 2021
Self-harm is not a culturally specific phenomenon, but it’s often misunderstood and overlooked in Black children by a society that forces them to grow up faster than white children.
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IFS and Chronic Pain

Listening to Inner Parts that Hold the Hurt

January/February 2021
If most chronic pain is maintained by complex mind–body interactions, how can therapists help treat it?

Hip Hop Therapy

The Healing Power of Giving Kids the Mic

May/June 2021
The process of creating beats and lyrics is rooted in therapeutic practices. At one South Bronx high school, a school social worker has traded the therapy room for the music studio.
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The Therapy Beat

Psychedelic Therapy and Racial Trauma: Offering Clients a Deeper Experience of Healing

May/June 2021
Can psychedelic therapy offer a faster, deeper way to heal the intergenerational effects of racial injustice?

The Magic Dial

Reframing Cognitive Distortions

July/August 2021
Beyond identifying the distortions in negative cognitions, how can we help clients understand that negative thoughts and feelings aren’t the result of what’s wrong with them—but what’s right with them?

Dispatches from the Yellow Brick Road

A Journey Through Delusion and Back

July/August 2021
A terrifying journey shows just how much psychotic delusions are embedded in the unquestioned essence of a person’s thinking—as true as ocean, ground, and sky.

The Myth of Infallibility

A Therapist Comes to Terms with a Client’s Suicide

July/August 2021
When it comes to coping with suicide deaths, we therapists need to let go of our superhero expectations and support one another as dedicated, fallible professionals and human beings.
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In Consultation

The Threat Response of Appease: Do You Know It When You See It?

July/August 2021
How can therapists address historical trauma and the common threat response of appeasement?

Practice Tools - July/August 2021

Internal Family Systems’s 6 F’s Model from Frank Anderson’s Transcending Trauma

July/August 2021
Your FREE practice tools download to use with clients right away.
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Borrowed Tears

A Therapist Reclaims His Buried Past—and Upends His Practice

September/October 2021
When a therapist finally confronts his tendency to dissociate, his work takes a life-changing turn.
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