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Screening Room

Americocentricity: Babel and Borat force us to look beyond our culture

March/April 2007
A new generation of filmmakers is taking us beyond the Americocentric world of mainstream cinema.

Case Studies

The Teenager Who Was a Liar: Helping a family redefine its story

March/April 2007
Facing the challenge of working with a dissembling adolescent in a blended family means changing the "official story" of the problem.

Maestro in the Consulting Room

At 83, Salvador Minuchin is Still Reflecting on Clinical Wisdom

May/June 2005
At 83, family therapy pioneer Salvador Minuchin, the most dazzling therapeutic practitioner of his generation, continues his search for clinical wisdom.

When You're 64

You May Be Ready to Retire, But What About Mom and Dad?

July/August 2005
With the life expectancy of the elderly rising, today's Boomers, much maligned for their presumed selfishness, are facing a far more daunting challenge in taking care of their parents than their forebearers ever did.

Beyond Acceptance

It's Never Too Late to Open Your Heart

March/April 2004
A woman who wants to learn a new way to be with her mother teaches her therapist what it means to step out of his own comfort zone.

You Can Go Home Again

Laura Davis on Learning that Sometimes Being in a Relationship Means More Than Being Right

July/August 2003
As if mirroring another time, another reality, Laura Davis, once at the center of the maelstrom, has written a book that breaks completely from the accusatory spirit that once dominated the recovery scene. 

Constructing The Third Reality

How to move from conflict to coexistence

July/August 2003
The Family Dialogue Project grew out of my attempt to help therapists, abuse survivors, and their families caught in the meshes of terrible conflicts from which there seemed to be no relief or exit.

Healing the Family's Oldest Rifts

Adult Children and Their Parents

July/August 1998
Somewhere in the middle of our lives, when we imagine we have finally achieved the proper balance of closeness and autonomy vis-a-vis our parents, or have accepted that we never will, many of us find ourselves at our parents' doorsteps again as they age and begin to need our help.

The Art of Enactment

How to Get Real Conversation Going in the Consulting Room

November/December 1997
Therapists are supposed to get family members to talk with each other during sessions, but I've found that is not so simple. How do you get family members to talk together productively?

It's More Complicated Than That

Don't Smooth Out Life's Wrinkles Says Salvador Minuchin

November/December 1996
One of family therapy's pioneers worries that today's brief techniques smooth out too many of life's wrinkles.
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