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ASMR Videos: A New Tool for Therapists?

March/April 2019
Videos designed to elicit ASMR, a physiological state some people find soothing, get millions of views online. Now clinicians are debating whether they could be a useful therapeutic tool.

Consciousness and Connection

Highlights from Symposium 2019

May/June 2019
It’s hard to think of anyone who's had more influence on our field than neuropsychiatrist Dan Siegel. His far-ranging keynote proposed that the integration of knowledge from such diverse disciplines as interpersonal neurobiology, psychotherapy, neuroscience, quantum physics, and mindfulness practice may offer hope for the future of the planet.

Case Study

The Biotech Dragon: A Kid-Friendly Approach to Self-Regulation

July/August 2019
Engaging kids in talk therapy is often a frustrating struggle. So what happens when you introduce a video game and some cool bioresponsive tech?

Radical Compassion in Challenging Times

From Virtual Symposium 2020

May/June 2020
At times, when things fall apart, as they are in our world right now, each of us has an essential medicine to offer. So the inquiry—Who do you want to be? And what kind of world do we want?—becomes critical. Just as there’s a viral contagion, it’s crucial to remember that loving presence is contagious.

Isolation and Self-Care

From Virtual symposium 2020

May/June 2020
Even in a restrictive time like this, when so many of us are divorced from the ordinary structures of our lives, there are practical things we can do to address what our brains need to function properly.

The Body as Ally

From Virtual Symposium 2020

May/June 2020
One of our biggest challenges is to realize that physical isolation doesn’t automatically mean emotional disconnection. We still have choices that enable us to distinguish between the pandemic outside and the panic-demic we can create within ourselves.
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The Surprising Intimacy of Phone Sessions

Turning off the Camera, Turning on the Connection

November/December 2020
Some clients and therapists strongly prefer the old-fashioned phone to video sessions. What’s so transformative about turning off the camera?

Reaching Out in Nervous Times

Polyvagal Theory Encounters Teletherapy

November/December 2020
Connecting with clients on a nervous-system level is especially important to therapists working from a polyvagal framework. But is it possible to offer coregulation through a screen?
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IFS and Chronic Pain

Listening to Inner Parts that Hold the Hurt

January/February 2021
If most chronic pain is maintained by complex mind–body interactions, how can therapists help treat it?

Loving Ourselves into Safety

Resilience and Strength in Perilous Times

May/June 2021
A cancer diagnosis, while devastating, can be a powerful teacher. Through the fear and anxiety, we can discover how to reliably calm ourselves and ask for support.
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