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Families Under Pressure

Helping Relieve Today’s Parents & Kids

January/February 2021
The pandemic has created an emotional petri dish for kids and parents who are stuck in place, terribly stressed, and feeling alone. How are families supposed to survive—much less thrive—under these unprecedented, pressure-cooker conditions?
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A Turning Point for Caregivers

Discussing the Hidden Impacts of the Pandemic

January/February 2021
Our current caregiving crisis is a societal failure, not the result of one family’s shortcomings.

Case Study

"I'm Not That Guy": Navigating the New Couples Conversation

July/August 2021
Discovering how ghosts and global issues have permeated relationship bonds in new ways.

Confessions of a Racing Mind

My Silent Battle with OCD

September/October 2021
A clinician with OCD stands up to stigma.
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Love After Lockdown

What Follows Togetherness Overload

September/October 2021
For some couples, staying home together during COVID improved their sex lives. But many have reported the opposite experience. Now that re-entry is here, what are they to do?

The Therapy Beat

Surrogate Partner Therapy: Crossing Lines or Expanding Boundaries?

September/October 2021
The debate around surrogate partner therapy.

Case Study

Doing Our Own Work Differently: An EMDR Portal to Our Clients’ Healing

September/October 2021
How stepping outside our comfort zone when doing our own work can change therapy for our clients.

The Love Magician

A Therapist Lays Down Her Wand

November/December 2021
There’s magic in therapy—all types—the most astonishing of which only happens when you stop trying to put on a flawless show.
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Case Study

Bursting the Bubble of Individual Therapy: The Need to See Our Clients in a Relational Context

January/February 2022
As the years pass, is it possible that the more we work with long-term clients, the more we might overlook bigger issues that aren’t being addressed?

Getting at the Heart of Affairs

How to Help Clients Examine Ethical Dilemmas

March/April 2022
Affairs are one of the biggest ethical issues that therapists encounter in everyday practice. And while there’s extensive literature on how to help couples recover from an affair, there’s little on how to help someone having one grapple with the effect of their actions on others.
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