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Secrets of an Effective Website

March/April 2009
An effective website is the key to generating referrals. Here's everything you need to know about not only increasing traffic to your site, but also converting those visitors into clients.

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Exploring Collaborative Health Care

May/June 2007
In spite of the increased medicalization of psychiatric conditions represented by the DSM and the inroads of psychopharmacology, most of us still imagine that we take care of people's minds, while others (doctors, nurses, rehab people) take care of people's bodies. And never the twain shall meet, at least in our consulting rooms.

But the fact is—as the contributors to this issue are urgently pointing out—the line between body and mind, physical sickness and emotional dysfunction, is blurring to the point of invisibility.

Fixing Health Care

What Role Will Therapists Play?

May/June 2007
The crisis in healthcare delivery presents therapists with a unique opportunity to help revamp the system and expand their practices.

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Creating a Private Practice for the 21st Century

July/August 2007
We've heard it before--if we want to succeed as good therapists, we also have to become good businesspeople--but it's an idea that strikes fear and loathing in the heart of many a therapist.

Who Are You?

3 ways to define your niche and clarify your practice

July/August 2007
Many of us aren't terribly skilled at explaining our life's work to others. Defining your niche can be a very helpful first step to finding new clients.

Harnessing the Winds of Change

It's the perfect time to reinvent your private practice

July/August 2007
Although business as usual may no longer be an option for therapists, the adjustments required to stay afloat could prove to be incredibly generative, not just for individual practices, but for the profession.

How to Develop a Money Mindset

Investing for Success in Your Therapy Business

July/August 2007
A practical guide for getting past the common fear of spending money to increase your referrals and grow your practice.

Beyond Technophobia

Even you can use the internet to grow your practice

July/August 2007
The internet can be a phenomenal tool for marketing all types of practices in every part of the country. Even Luddites are finding that internet marketing can be fun!

Our Businesses, Our Selves

Learning to Love the Entrepreneurial Side of Therapy

July/August 2003
With business coaching, therapists can learn to become very smart businesspeople. Far from being a struggle against their own better instincts or a betrayal of their own best principles, becoming more entrepreneurial can be deeply liberating.

Psychotherapy's Soothsayer

Nick Cummings Foretells Your Future

July/August 2001
Suddenly, sometime in the mid-1980s, as the managed care revolution raged around them, therapists emerged as if from a dream to find that terms like "heath care delivery systems," "covered lives" and "capitated health plans" had gone from being mind-numbing policyspeak to urgent pocketbook issues.
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