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The Business of Therapy

Recession-Proofing Mantras: How to Stay Calm When Your Practice Seems to Be Under Siege

March/April 2010
Some highly practical mantras that can help even the more business-phobic practitioner keep afloat in these tough economic times.

The Business of Therapy

Facebook and Your Practice: Developing your social-networking savvy

January/February 2010
More than a time-consuming diversion, Facebook can play a central role in marketing your practice.

The Business of Therapy

The Not-So-Private Practice: A Collaborative Model For the 21st Century

September/October 2009
A new model of practice-building seeks to help therapists prosper by reengaging them in their local professional communities.

The Business of Therapy

Web Marketing on a Shoestring: The fundamentals of starting—or growing—a practice

November/December 2009
A primer for web marketing for practitioners on a shoestring budget.

In Consultation

A Sea Change for Psychotherapy?: A Long-Awaited Bill Presents New Opportunities and Challenges

May/June 2009
What does the newly passed mental health parity law mean for your practice?

From The Editor

March/April 2009
It's a different world out there than it was even a few months ago—and often a scary one. But no matter what happens, people will always need and seek out wise, empathetic mind-and-spirit healers, particularly when life turns harsh. Our challenge will be to not only help our clients bring their energy, intelligence, and imaginations to the task of getting their boats back to shore, but marshalling those same qualities in navigating for ourselves through the rough seas ahead.
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Easy Money

Maybe Our Parents Had it Right All Along

March/April 2009
We're living through a breathtaking realignment of our consciousness about money, no longer lulled by the ever-sweeter melodies played by the Pied Piper of our times, the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Our challenge now is to let goof the fairy tales of endless wealth that gave us such childish comfort.

To Buy or Not To Buy

You Can Never Get Enough of What You Don't Really Need

March/April 2009
Now that we've been frightened into prudence, our shopping habits have become more deliberate and fraught with anxiety. But with this new economic pressure comes an opportunity to discover what we were really shopping for in the first place.

Recession-Proof Your Practice

Review, recommit, rebrand, reinvest

March/April 2009
How do you protect your private practice from declining, or even sinking, in a tough economic market? Some tips about being smart, staying calm, and keeping your head when everyone else seems to be losing theirs.

Pink-Spoon Marketing

A model for the therapy practice of the future

March/April 2009
The old face-to-face service model for our practices is no longer in sync with social and cultural shifts. It's time to refocus on how to serve our clients better while we ensure our own economic survival.
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