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Brain-Based Parenting

What Neuroscience is Teaching Us About Connecting With Our Kids

January/February 2012
Our growing understanding of attachment and the processes that shape the parenting brain are opening new possibilities for helping stressed-out parents who are turned off to their own children.

Psychotherapy At The Crossroads

A New Vision of Integrative Mental Health

January/February 2012
An alternative to the old talking cure is expanding the knowledge base of psychotherapy as we recognize the role that exercise, nutrition, spirituality, mind-body approaches, and lifestyle can play in enhancing our clinical effectiveness.

The Verdict Is In

The Case for Attachment Theory

March/April 2011
Fifty years of research has confirmed that the emotional quality of our earliest attachment relationships is central to our well-being as adults.

Case Study

Breaking Free: A Mind-Body Approach to Retraining the Brain

March/April 2011
Putting the power of neuroplasticity to work in the consulting room.

Point Of View

Gender and the Brain: Louann Brizendine's Work Stirs New Controversy

March/April 2011
Neuropsychiatrist Louann Brizendine has stirred up plenty of controversy by arguing that men and women have very different brains.

The Language of the Nervous System

The 5 TRM Self-Stabilization Skills

November/December 2010

Lions Without a Cause

Men's animal instincts don't fit the modern world

May/June 2010
Let's face it: love means something quite different to men and women. A look at other species of social mammals offers some remarkable insights into the biological underpinnings of this difference.

The Rise and Fall of PaxMedica

Welcome to the new era of brain-based therapy

January/February 2010
In the 1970s, the rise of Prozac, the DSM-III, and "evidence-based" therapies brought the appearance of coherence and order to mental health professions under the hegemony of medicine. Now multiple discoveries in neuroscience and other fields are challenging this "pax media" and ushering in a new era in the practice of psychotherapy.

Brain to Brain

The talking cure goes beyond words

January/February 2010
As we learn more about the brain, it becomes apparent that therapists need to pay at least as much attention to the body and nervous system (both their own and their clients') as to the words, emotions, and meaning-making processes of the mind.

The Brain's Rules for Change

Translating cutting-edge neuroscience into practice

January/February 2010
For the firs time, we're beginning to understand how to directly delete emotional meanings attributed to disturbing past events.
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