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Case Studies

How Clients 'Do' Their Problems: NLP Can Help You Do the "Briefest" Therapy

November/December 2007
Careful attention to body language and nonverbal cues can dramatically streamline the process of therapeutic change.

Clinician's Digest

January/February 2007
A More Powerful Antidepressant * Identifying the more discredited therapies * Assessing Childhood-Obesity Prevention * Evaluating antipsychotic meds * Treatment for chronic fatigue symdrome * Internet porn


Coming Face-to-Face with the Unimaginable

March/April 2007
Despite everything I had no choice about, I did have one fundamental choice to make: my choice of a "stance" toward life. Would I find joy in the options that remained, or would I succumb to grief over what I'd lost? I chose joy and, except for occasional times when grief simply overwhelms me, I've stuck to it doggedly.

Facing Our Worst Fears

Finding the Courage to Stay in the Moment

November/December 2006
A therapist helps his anxious clients discover that be not resisting what the present moment offers, they can find a way out of their suffering.

10 Best-Ever Anxiety-Management Techniques

There are Effective Alternatives to Medication

September/October 2005
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The Larger Self

Discovering the Core Within Our Multiplicity

May/June 2004
The practice of therapy, for both therapist and client, is transformed when we connect with our fundamental core, a process that involves learning to listen closely to our inner cacophony and embracing even the parts of ourselves that we formerly loathed.

The Tao of Therapy

Helping Clients Experience Their Inner Freedom

May/June 2004
Dualistic thinking separates us from our own experience and offers the illusion that we can achieve peace and pleasure by somehow casting out our problems.

Flying Lessons

Discovering Another Way of Being

March/April 2004
In a single, unforeseen moment, a self-lacerating young woman takes a risk and discovers, deep in her bones, why we're a live.

Turning "I Can't" into "I Will"

How to Motivate Depressed Clients

July/August 2004
Getting a depressed client mobilized to take the initial steps toward change can be the key to treatment.

The Therapeutic Roller Coaster

Working with Self-Harming Teens is Dramatic and Unpredictable

January/February 2004
Working with self-harming teens often seems like riding a runaway roller coaster, which keeps threatening to go off the rails altogether. Just as things get smooth and predictable, a crisis sends you hurtling downhill again.
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