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Clinician's Digest

Ketamine: The Latest Wonder Drug?

May/June 2019
Even as ketamine’s popularity continues to rise for depression treatment, it’s still fighting an uphill battle for clinical acceptance.

Clinician's Digest

Addressing the Psychological Fallout of Active-Shooter Drills

July/August 2019
In response to the ever-growing incidences of gun violence targeting students, many schools have instituted active-shooter drills. How are therapists addressing the psychological effects?

High Times in Therapy

Are We Ready to Talk Pot?

September/October 2019
Thirty-three states and the District of Columbia have legalized medicinal or recreational marijuana, or both. But sizeable protests against legalization are emerging, often aided or helmed by psychiatrists concerned by the drug’s potential effects on young people.

Resurrecting Therapy

Putting Big Pharma on the Couch

September/October 2019
In 1986, people being treated for depression were twice as likely to be in therapy as to be taking pills. Now, for every person in therapy, there are four times as many taking pills for depression. Isn’t it time we stage our comeback?
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Family Matters

The Family Album: Growing Up in the Shadow of Depression

November/December 2019
A troubled father casts a mysterious shadow over a little girl’s world.

Our Calling

A Wounded Healer’s Journey

January/February 2020
As therapists, our job is to do our best for our clients. But even our best efforts can’t always ensure that therapy will help, or even that we don’t do harm.
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The Sabbatical

Discovering My Self on a Car Lot

January/February 2020
After an unusual break from practice, a burnt-out young clinician learns to finally feel at home in the therapist’s chair.

In Consultation

Nine Simple Interventions for Depression

July/August 2020
During COVID-19 and all challenging times, these simple sensorimotor interventions for depression can be easily adapted for teletherapy.

Practice Tools - September/October 2020 Issue

Nine Relaxation Scripts for Anxiety & Depression

September/October 2020
Your FREE practice tools download to use with clients right away.
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Reaching Out in Nervous Times

Polyvagal Theory Encounters Teletherapy

November/December 2020
Connecting with clients on a nervous-system level is especially important to therapists working from a polyvagal framework. But is it possible to offer coregulation through a screen?
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