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Self-Indulgence or Self-Healing?

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

Over the course of their careers, most psychotherapists discover that to be genuinely helpful they... Read more

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Facing Our Dark Side

Some Forms of Self-Compassion Are Harder than Others

Achieving a genuine state of self-compassion is a more challenging undertaking than many realize. Far from a little feel-better incantation you offer yourself... Read more

Inside the Heart of Healing

When Moment-to-Moment Awareness Isn't Enough

As the mindfulness movement sweeps through our field, many therapists are discovering that traditional contemplative practices grounded in detached... Read more

The 5 Myths of Self-Compassion

What Keeps Us from Being Kinder to Ourselves?

There’s now a growing body of research demonstrating that relating to ourselves in a kind, friendly manner is essential for emotional wellbeing. More... Read more

Extra Feature

Moments of Meaning

Unexpected Lessons from Practice

Three clinicians share stories of challenging cases that show how the most surprising outcomes often have nothing to do with therapeutic brilliance or... Read more


Don’t Hit Your Sister!

Understanding the Complexities of Moral Development

It’s Not about the Diet

Building a healthy relationship with food

Smart Growth

Developing a mindset for life

Life after Trauma

What are the possibilities for post-traumatic growth?

A Palm under the Moon

A grandpa’s love story