May/June 2013

Tough Customers

Is it Them or Us?

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

There are some clients who yell at us, manipulate us, go broodingly silent on us, have... Read more

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Is Resistance Dead?

Or Have the Rumors Been Exaggerated?

With all the recent developments in research, theory, and practice, we have more treatment options to choose from than ever before. Why then do so many... Read more

When Therapy Is Going Nowhere

Escaping the “Groundhog Day” Cycle

Why do we get stuck in “Groundhog Day therapy”—cases in which we spin our wheels from session to session? Before lurching on to alternative treatment... Read more

Depathologizing The Borderline Client

Learning to Manage Our Fears

Inevitably, given their history of trauma, many borderline clients will trigger their therapists from time to time. But forgoing the urge to blame these... Read more

Breaking The Spell

7 Questions to Ask When Therapy is Stuck

When therapy goes wrong, it’s typically because we’ve entered our clients’ trance, joining them in their myopic misery. Once there, our job is to break... Read more

Extra Feature

Symposium Highlight May 1, 2013

On With The Show

Celebrating the Craft at Symposium

This year, 3,000 practitioners came to our annual Symposium to explore the fundamental question: are we any closer to unraveling the mysteries of psychotherapy... Read more

Peer Supervision Groups that Work

Three Steps That Make a Difference

Women Who Cheat

Understanding the Message of the Affair

Is Technology Changing Our Minds?

What Therapists Need to Know in the Digital Age

Is Now Really Better?

Lessons from Traditional Societies

Desperate Love

A Father Faces an Impossible Choice