March/April 2017 cover

Round Hole, Square Peg

If It Doesn't Fit, Don't Force It

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

In spite of what seems to be as many different therapy methods as stars in the sky, and in spite of... Read more

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When Helping Doesn't Help

Why Some Clients May Not Want to Change

Rather than just commiserating with clients’ misery, most therapists want to engage in more active forms of helping. So we try to persuade clients... Read more

Affair Repair

Lessons on Changing Directions

Couples therapy can be difficult and dicey, especially when there’s an affair in the mix. To keep afloat in the emotional tumult, most therapists cling to... Read more

How Psychotherapy Lost Its Magick

The Art of Healing in an Age of Science

Studies show more people pay for the services of advisors claiming special powers than see mental health practitioners. How can mentalists and mediums be... Read more

Adjusting the Unconscious

Making Quick Work of Lasting Change

Some claim that much of psychotherapy is a pseudoscience, promising far more than it can deliver, with lengthy, expensive interventions for the common problems... Read more

Extra Feature

The Immigrant's Odyssey

Trauma, Loss, and the Promise of Healing

Immigration is often a trauma that leaves indelible marks on those who’ve left behind family, cultural values, and status. Perhaps more than any other client... Read more


Speak Easy

Keeping It Real with Your Teen Clients

Navigating the Bipolar Spectrum

Diagnosing Mood Disorders Requires Great Care

Feeling Anxious?

A Longtime Researcher Weighs In

Hearing Voices

Eavesdropping on Our Inner Conversations

Leaping for Joy

The Secret Lives of Children