January/February 2014 Cover

Untangling Brain Science

Has it Lived Up to its Promise for Therapists

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

More and more therapists have begun wondering how far all our impressive-sounding talk about the... Read more

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The Next Big Step

What’s Ahead in Psychotherapy’s Fascination with Brain Science?

Labeling behavior in fancy neurophysiological terms can make what we do sound more scientifically rigorous than the notoriously fuzzy language of... Read more

The Great Deception

We’re Less in Control Than We Think

Most of us put much too much faith in the power of our conscious minds to bring about lasting change. Instead of looking up the higher branches of... Read more

Beyond Phrenology

Let’s Look at How the Brain Really Works

If therapists are going to bring genuine insights—not just soundbites—from neuroscience into the practice of therapy, they need the nuanced, sophisticated... Read more

What Is This Thing Called Love?

A Whole New Way of Looking at It

More than any other positive emotion, love resides within connections. It extends beyond personal boundaries to characterize the vibe that pulsates between and... Read more


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