January/February 2013

Treating the Anxious Client

New Directions for Psychotherapy’s Most Common Problem

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

Through our lives, most of us develop what can only be called a deeply personal relationship with... Read more

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The Anxiety Game

It’s Rigged, so Let’s Change the Rules

Therapists are supposed to make clients feel safe and secure, creating a cozy haven from a cruel world, right? Well, when it comes to treating anxiety, more... Read more

Living With The Devil We Know

We May be Anxious, but Not to Change

As therapists, we typically assume that a person suffering from severe anxiety is eager and motivated to receive the help we offer. But we should never naively... Read more

Taming The Wild Things

Helping Anxious Kids and Their Parents

In this age of helicopter parents and protective child professionals, we can often recreate a potent anxiety- reinforcing system around children that not only... Read more

Extra Feature

Sympathy For The Devil

Mendota, a Youth-Treatment of Last Resort

The word psychopath distinguishes hard-bitten predators. Research shows a treatment center—run by shrinks, not wardens—has reduced new violent offenses by... Read more

Therapy’s Nonverbal Dance

Are You in Step with Your Clients?

Treating the Dissociative Child

The Road Back from the Ultimate Loss of Self

The Power of Forgiveness

Cutting the Bonds of Resentfulness

Driven Crazy

TBI is Claiming the Hearts and Minds of Too Many Vets

Dilemmas of the “Haveitall” Mom

A Young Mother Struggles with a New Identity