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Are ACEs as Determinative as We Think?

Two Trauma Experts on Connection, Community, and the Tyranny of Diagnosis

Two leading trauma experts discuss the power of enduring relational work and how our current medical model creates a moral injury for therapists. Read more

Invisible Legacies

The Ubiquity of Trauma

When his wife texts to say she’s running late to pick him up at the airport, a renowned trauma expert reexperiences a life-altering moment from his past. Read more

Helper Syndrome

When Are We Enough?

Is the problem of compassion fatigue that we get tired of being compassionate toward others—or that we aren’t being compassionate toward ourselves? Read more

When the World Won't Hold Us

Finding Agency in the Suffering

In this time of uncertainty and turmoil, it’s crucial to recognize that suffering and trauma are not the same thing. Read more

VIDEO: Understanding Grief as an Antidote to Trauma

Gabor Maté on Making Sense of Troubling Times

These days, many of us are feeling increasingly anxious and upset. But how do we know whether we're experiencing trauma, or just grieving? And how can we... Read more

VIDEO: Gabor Maté on Making Sense of Our Pain

Finding a Pathway to Compassion for Ourselves and Others

What can we do to do to address the overwhelming anxiety in our lives right now? What can we do to be kinder to ourselves, to be in a better position to effect... Read more

Symposium Highlight November 27, 2019

According to physician and author Gabor Maté, too many healthcare professionals take a biological, individualized approach to treating mental health issues... Read more

Symposium Highlight May 6, 2019

Healing as a Subversive Act

Interconnections vs. Individuals

In his opening keynote, Canadian physician Gabor Maté called on therapists to expand their frame of reference and recognize how their job is too often a kind... Read more

The Ayahuasca Experience

Is There a Place for Shamanic Wisdom in Western Psychology?

A world-renowned trauma expert shares his personal experience with the power of ayahuasca ceremonies to heal addiction, PTSD, and ingrained patterns that... Read more

Gabor Maté

Gabor Maté, MD, a family practitioner for over three decades, is the author of four bestselling books, including When the Body Says No: Exploring the Stress-Disease Connection and In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction. His upcoming books include The Myth of Normal: Illness and Health in an Insane Culture.