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How Do I Make Therapy Stick?

Creating a Vision, Building Momentum Between Sessions, and More

Psychotherapy Networker

Sure, your clients may find therapy helpful. But do they find it memorable? How can we get clients to retain all the wonderful information they learn in therapy in between sessions and beyond? From goal-setting to small moments, from writing recaps to providing resources, here are a few ways to make your therapy "stickier."


Where Are You Right Now?

Setting Boundaries in Teletherapy

Talia Litman

During the pandemic, many of us have realized how convenient teletherapy can be for us and our clients. But is the flexibility of teletherapy leading to more casual behaviors that take away from the therapeutic process? Do therapists need to set new boundaries with clients to ensure that online therapy is effective?


Fifty Years of Wisdom

Lessons from a Retired Therapist

Neil Bernstein

I practiced for almost fifty years, and just retired with a feeling of satisfaction. Here’s what I’ve learned in my journey to contentment. These are my tales from the trenches.


Addressing Racism in the Therapy Room

Ten Ways You Can Be an Ally

Jonathon Carrington

Everyone deserves a space where they’re fully seen and heard, so it’s critical that therapists who don’t identify as people of color are knowledgeable, empathetic, and compassionate when addressing race, racism, and identity in the consulting room. Here’s a ten-point framework for developing greater cultural competency.


My Biggest Challenge as a Therapist

The Hardest Things About Practice

Psychotherapy Networker

Therapy is hard work. But what are therapy’s biggest challenges, and how do therapists overcome them? Here, five therapists share the clinical challenge that tested them, frustrated them, continues to stump them, and made them the therapists they are today.


I’m Ready for a New Challenge

Five Clinicians Weigh In

Psychotherapy Networker

A therapist is ready for a new challenge, a new context in which to put their clinical skills to work. Here, five clinicians offer practical guidance on finding rewarding projects.


The Playful Therapist

Bringing Levity and Humor to the Work

Psychotherapy Networker

A therapist feels her sessions are getting a little dry and is looking for a way to bring play and humor into the work. Five therapists share how they do it in their own practices.


Retirement from the Inside Out

A Late-Life Identity Crisis

Connie Zweig

The loss of roles, structure, and purpose that accompanies retirement may trigger a late-life identity crisis. As clinicians, we need to assist clients in asking a deeper question: “Who am I now?”


To Take Notes or Not to Take Notes?

When a Valuable Tool Becomes a Distraction

Psychotherapy Networker

When a therapist begins to sense that her in-session note taking may be distracting her clients and impeding their work together, she begins to wonder whether it's doing more harm than good. Five therapists offer their take on how to proceed.


Should Therapists Go Back to an Office?

Deepening Our Work “Off Stage”

Mark O'Connell

Seeing clients through the COVID-19 crisis has shown us not only that psychotherapy can be effective outside the traditional frame—complete with an office, couch, and a therapist who never breaks character—but also that shattering the frame when necessary, and allowing our humble humanness to be present, is actually necessary to connect with each unique client.


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