VIDEO: Attachment Theory in 9 Minutes

Sue Johnson Breaks Down the Core Tenets

Susan Johnson

Perhaps now more than ever, maintaining strong relationships is crucial to our emotional well-being. And at the core of a strong relationship is strong, healthy attachment, says EFT originator Sue Johnson. Not only is this idea backed by science, but healthy attachment permeates all good relationships. 

In this clip from the 2020 Virtual Symposium, Sue explains the core tenets of attachment theory.

Susan Johnson, EdD, is the developer of Emotionally Focused Therapy. Her latest book is Attachment Theory in Practice.

"Secure attachment allows partners to explore more freely in all areas of experience," Sue writes in a recent Networker article. "Creating strong attachment, is like dancing. If you’re going to help a couple get closer and learn to really dance together, whether in bed or anywhere else," she explains, "the key is helping partners experience bonding moments that open them to becoming emotionally accessible to each other."


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