Practice Tools April 12, 2023

Practice Tools: May/June 2023

The best from across the field of psychotherapy . . . on us!

Practice Tools for the May/June 2023 issue are courtesy of Arielle Schwartz's book, "Therapeutic Yoga for Trauma Recovery." Read more

Becoming a Yoga Therapist

Joanne Spence on Trauma-Informed Practices

Joanne Spence, a social worker turned yoga therapist and author of "Trauma-Informed Yoga: A Toolbox for Therapists," talked to Psychotherapy Networker about... Read more

VIDEO: Using Yoga to Calm the Revved-Up Client

The Yoga Breath’s Universal Application

Rich Simon interviews Amy Weintraub about the use of yoga in therapy. Read more

Bringing The Mental Health Benefits Of Yoga To Your Clinical Practice

Amy Weintraub Demonstrates How Easily It’s Done

Amy Weintraub shares a quick 3-minute tutorial on how to breathe to calm the stress response system. Read more

In Consultation July 8, 2013

Yoga in the Therapy Room

Centering the Uncentered Client

Recently, therapists have begun to use simple, no-mat yoga practices to help clients whose minds are racing or fogged. Read more