It Takes a Community

Therapy-As-Usual Can't Serve the Needs of Our Returning Troops

Our standard psychotherapeutic paradigm is unequal to the mammoth challenge of serving the troops who've served in Iraq and Afghanistan. What's needed is a... Read more

Case Study September 25, 2009

EMDR helps a young Iraq War vet and his wife emerge from the nightmare of his war experience. Read more

Journey to Rwanda

A therapist Confronts the Unthinkable

Some years ago, Rwanda was the hellish scene of one of the most ferocious genocides in history. A therapist who traveled there reports on what it's like to... Read more

Creating a Culture of Healing

Recovering from Trauma in War-Ravaged Gaza

A psychiatrist who's worked in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Israel leads a team of healthcare professionals into war-ravaged Gaza to see if Western healing methods can... Read more