Self-Care Shifts toward Authenticity

In my years of working with myself and my clients around self-care, I’ve learned that there is no such thing as perfect self-care. Instead, I’ve found... Read more

The Surprising Intimacy of Phone Sessions

Video Chat Isn’t Necessarily Better

In an unexpected twist, one therapist is finding phone sessions more effective than video sessions. Here's why. Read more

Symposium Highlight January 28, 2020

What It Really Means to Apologize

…While Holding Wrongdoers Accountable

We’re all imperfect human beings, so the need to give and receive apologies is with us until our very last breath. Yet there’s no greater challenge than... Read more

Psychologist and speaker Michael Alcée says therapists need to pay more attention to the introverts in their practice, to help them manage their anxiety and... Read more

Case Study November 9, 2017

Doing Vulnerability

The Art of Helping Men Open Up

Helping emotionally closed-off men embrace vulnerability without getting lost in shame requires not only empathy but good timing. Read more

An Awareness of the Soul

What Does It Mean to Really Get in Touch with Yourself?

When I was 5 years old, I experienced something that made me feel viscerally, mentally, emotionally, and inescapably connected to everything and everyone... Read more

Living Brave

From Vulnerability to Daring

With millions of people having seen her TED talks and read her books, researcher and bestselling author Brené Brown is a phenomenon. But aside from her... Read more

Defusing Male Shame

Understanding the Significance to Male Clients

Shame is an emotion that isn’t healthy. Unlike guilt–which causes remorse for something you did wrong–shame can cause someone to feel as... Read more

Case Study January 8, 2014

Rewriting the Story

Entering the World of the Abused Child

Therapists must offer abused children a different felt experience of who they are. Read more


Why Men Fear Therapy

Shame is the least understood dimension of men's inner experience—by both men themselves and the people who live with them. This lack of understanding may be... Read more

Case Study September 1, 2006

A Complicated Grieving

Death, guilt, and anger are an explosive mix

"Complicated grief" resulting from unresolved guilt, anger, shame, and regret can fester on for many years. Read more