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The Dangers of Empathy

Understanding the Keys to Vicarious Traumatization

July/August 2002
Emergency relief or other work with traumatized people is always demanding and wearing: it frequently poses the risk of vicariously traumatizing caretakers, and yet, our field isn't well prepared to help them. As a matter of course, we recommend supervision for therapists and social workers, and we encourage clinicians to discuss difficult cases with colleagues, but we don't always recognize that, for people working with traumatized clients, just talking about it may not be enough.

How Involved Is Too Involved?

Twenty-two Years and Still Wondering

November/December 2000
After 22 years, I can still see Amy sitting there, cross-legged, with her arms folded across her chest and her dirty blond hair falling down over her face. She was perched on the hood of my car. It was 9:00 p.m., and I was just leaving my office. Amy glared at me as I approached. Our therapy session had ended five hours earlier.

War Stories

Helping Old Soldiers Find the Will to Live

July/August 1998
Ted was like many older men I'd seen who, after suffering sudden medical catastrophes, figured they had no other choice but to surrender to their dire circumstances. He hadn't asked to see a psychologist; in fact, he had never in his life dreamed of speaking with one. Yet I was supposed to march into his hospital room and sound some battle cry, compelling him to fight to live again.

The Biology of Fear

Some New Research Offers Startling Insights into the Nature of PTSD

July/August 1996
Not long ago, most therapists who heard a story like Albert Grow's would have thought about what his experience in Vietnam did to his relationship with his family, his community and his sense of self. Few would have given much thought to what it did to his biochemistry. That is about to change.

Know Thy Selves

The Inner Lives of Couples Therapy

November/December 1988

Every couples therapist knows the experience. Just moments ago, as you talked to the wife and then her husband, you were struck by how likable each one seemed. You sensed their warmth, their humor. But now you've hit on one of those issues—perhaps it's a conflict about an in-law, or something about sex, or even the proverbial struggle about the toothpaste tube—and suddenly the people whose company you were enjoying earlier appear to have left the room.

Case Study

A Cure for the Yips: Brainspotting and Performance Blocks

November/December 2015
Traumatic experiences are often the root of athletic and other kinds of performance blocks.


Who Do You Trust?: Revisiting the McMartin Preschool Case

November/December 2015
Review of We Believe the Children: A Moral Panic in the 1980s and The Witch-Hunt Narrative: Politics, Psychology, and the Sexual Abuse of Children

Sometimes it can be easier to argue about witch-hunts than risk confronting the dark, unsavory reality of child abuse.

Case Study

The Healing Power of Play: Helping the Traumatized Child Find Safety Again

September/October 2008
When a small child has been traumatized and frozen in fear, the releasing and disarming power of play can be the key to healing.

Clinician's Digest

The Aftermath of the Paris Attacks

March/April 2016
Therapists reflect on the terror attack in Paris.
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Point of View

New Technologies for Today’s Practitioners: Using Virtual Reality to treat PTSD

March/April 2016
The increasingly accessible and inexpensive technology of virtual reality now enables us to incorporate digital Skinner boxes in our practices that can enhance healing for trauma survivors.
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