November/December 2011

Who's Afraid of Couples Therapy?

Stretching Your Comfort Zone

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

This issue’s contributors aren’t just convinced that therapists should do more couples therapy... Read more

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Facing Our Fears

Why We Avoid Doing Couples Therapy
Ellyn Bader and Peter Pearson

As neuroscience increasingly shows how wired we are to our intimate partners, an important question arises for therapists: Why do we primarily continue to see... Read more

Removing The Masks

Let’s Stop Wasting Time

Conventional therapeutic wisdom aside, people typically don’t hurt each other because they’re out of touch, unable to communicate, or can’t help... Read more

A Matter Of Choice

Deciding: to be Right or be Married?

Do you want to be right or be married? Okay, now pause, think, breathe . . . and choose between First Consciousness and Second Consciousness. Read more

In Or Out?

Treating the Mixed-Agenda Couple

At least 30 percent of couples coming to therapy have fundamentally different agendas about whether to try to save the marriage. If we’re ever going to... Read more