March/April 2012

Taking the Measure of Psychotherapy

Today's Realities, Yesterday's Dreams

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

All therapy is about stories—the stories clients tell therapists and the (we hope) more truthful... Read more

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A Brief History of Psychotherapy

A Mosaic of the Psychotherapy Networker, 1982-2012

Over the years, our front-of-the-book department has not only given readers plenty of tasty factoids to chew on, but also revealed how the seasons of the... Read more

Still Crazy After All These Years?

A Look at 30 Years of the Networker

Remember mimeograph machines, the Milan Group, the False Memory Foundation, DSM–III, the Family Therapy Networker, and private practice before managed care... Read more

Psychotherapy's Greatest Debates

Assessing the State of the Art 2012

The State of the Art, the Networker’s first-ever virtual conference, offered an opportunity for leaders in our field who disagree to debate each other... Read more

Is Psychotherapy Getting Better?

A Progress Report on the Science—and Art—of the Psychotherapy Field

Igniting Excellence in Psychotherapy

Top performers are made, not born

Recovering Together

An Ailing Mother Comes to the Aid of Her Son