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Ophelia Today

What Do Our Daughters Want?

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

For a long while, most of us thought we had the signs and signals of teenage girls down: the... Read more

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The World of Adolescent Girls

Helping Them Find Their North Star

On the 25th anniversary of her landmark book Reviving Ophelia, the author reflects on what she’s learned over the years about working with teenage girls and... Read more

How both therapy and the challenges adolescents face have changed in the digital age. Read more

Mondays With My Girls

Lessons in Being Real

A group of preteen girls in a long-term shelter teach a budding therapist some unexpected lessons about the true meaning of resilience and the power of... Read more

Craving Device-Free Attention

Technoconflicts in Families Today

Therapists are used to adolescent girls grumbling about their hovering, overinvolved parents. But these days, many have a new complaint—technoference in the... Read more

Extra Feature

Working with Difficult Men

Where’s the Leverage for Change?

The conflict between an older, more traditional view of masculinity and a newer, more progressive one is the underlying issue in many marriages today. Helping... Read more


Therapists in a Fishbowl

The Challenges of Small-Town Practice

The Biotech Dragon

A Kid-Friendly Approach to Self-Regulation

The Vicious Cycle of Silence

How We Can Better Protect Victims of Domestic Abuse

The Last Joke

The Pathos of a May-December Marriage