January/February 2020 Cover

The Evolving Therapist

Why We Do the Work We Do

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

The pace of our daily schedules can make it hard to look up from our appointment apps and ponder... Read more

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In Search of New Ideas

My Evolution as a Therapist

A therapist reflects on a key lesson from his long career: clients don’t necessarily need new answers to their questions—they need new questions. Read more

Our Calling

A Wounded Healer’s Journey

As therapists, our job is to do our best for our clients. But even our best efforts can’t always ensure that therapy will help, or even that we don’t do... Read more

Saving My Younger Self - January/February 2020

A Therapist Finds Her Mission
Nicole Thompson

An urban school psychologist discovers the power of her own story of childhood trauma to inspire the kids she serves. Read more

The Sabbatical

Discovering My Self on a Car Lot

After an unusual break from practice, a burnt-out young clinician learns to finally feel at home in the therapist’s chair. Read more

To Reveal or Not to Reveal

When the Therapist Has a Serious Illness

Each therapist who becomes seriously ill faces a weighty choice between silence and disclosure with clients. Read more

Extra Feature

Meet You in McGinnis Meadows

Lessons in Attunement

What horsemanship can teach us about making sure our clients feel seen, heard, and helped. Read more


Couples Therapy Goes Public

A New TV Series Pulls Back the Curtain

Seeing Children through a Polyvagal Lens

A Different Approach to Challenging Behaviors

The Therapist as Traffic Cop

Learning the Hard Way with a Volatile Couple

Community Matters

New Possibilities for Mental Health

Out of Sight

Are Prisons Modern-Day Asylums?

Hold My Hand

Calming the Little Girl Inside Me
Jennifer Noel