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Three Myths About Old Age

...And What We Can Learn from Our Older Peers About Aging Successfully

By examining how older members of our society actually live and looking at what we can learn from people who age successfully, one study shifts the focus away... Read more

Big Squeeze

No research? No reimbursement

A tipping point has been reached in the impact that psychotherapy research results, no matter of interest only among a small circle of academic, are going to... Read more

Addictions Treatment: Myth vs Reality

Effective Interventions Often Don't Match Stereotypes

Two recent landmark overviews of research separate myth from reality in the treatment of substance abuse. Read more

Jay Lebow

Jay Lebow, PhD, is a former contributing editor to the Psychotherapy Networker and clinical professor at Northwestern University. He’s also senior therapist and research consultant at the Family Institute at Northwestern University.