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Whatever Became of Feminism?: Harriet Lerner on the Legacy of the Women's Movement

Ryan Howes • 1/1/2011

Whatever happened to feminism? Psychologist and bestselling author Harriet Lerner offers some perspective.

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Telling It Like It Is: Donald Meichenbaum Doesn't Mince Words

Ryan Howes • 11/1/2010

Long an acerbic critic of the trendy and faddish, Don Meichenbaum, one of the founders of CBT, is still determined to separate myth from reality in the world of psychotherapy.

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Embracing Life, Facing Death: An interview with Irvin Yalom

Ryan Howes • 9/1/2010

For existential therapist Irvin Yalom, even depth-oriented therapy doesn't go deep enough.

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On Turning Pain into Power

An Interview with Dr. Shefali

Ryan Howes • 9/27/2021

The clinician and bestselling author discusses her new book and what it means to "alchemize" pain.

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Therapy From the Podcast Studio

Lori Gottlieb and Guy Winch discuss “Dear Therapists”

Ryan Howes • 10/27/2020

The therapists and writers have teamed up to produce a podcast that addresses a listener’s problem, provides specific advice, and then checks in to see whether or not it helped—all the while trying to work together as a team and provide a unified response.

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Helping Clients in Toxic Relationships

How to Unravel Trauma Bonds

Ryan Howes • 8/6/2020

It’s important to recognize that a trauma bond doesn’t have to play out as overt, obvious toxicity or abuse. So many people in relationships have learned to be loved in ways that are transactional—“If you do this for me, I’ll comfort you,” or “If you play this role, I’ll show you affection”—and it's now exhausting them. Therapist and researcher Laura Copley shares how to help clients interrupt these unhealthy, even dangerous, relational patterns.

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Celebrating Singles!

Researcher Bella DePaulo on Keeping Our "Matrimania" in Check

Ryan Howes • 2/14/2020

By Ryan Howes - While many studies promote the mental and physical benefits of marriage, long-time singles advocate Bella DePaulo says the reported findings are biased, and we therapists need to better understand the single population as more than people waiting to find the right partner.

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Therapy with Teenage Girls

The Seven Transitions into Adulthood

Ryan Howes • 11/22/2019

By Ryan Howes - In the following interview, New York Times columnist and author Lisa Damour gives us a glimpse at the map she’s developed for both therapists and parents trying to help teenage girls make their way through the treacherous, often bewildering landscape of adolescence in today’s world.

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The Five Dimensions of Good Anxiety Treatment

An Interview with Anxiety Researcher David Barlow

Ryan Howes • 8/9/2019

By Ryan Howes - Author David Barlow is widely considered the dean of anxiety researchers. In the following interview, he shares his thoughts on the nature of anxiety and what research has revealed about the most effective treatments for it.

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The Golden Rule of Habit Change

Lessons on Expert Productivity

Ryan Howes • 7/12/2019

By Ryan Howes - At times, the line between stable and stuck-in-a-rut can become a bit blurry. So we turned to New York Times journalist Charles Duhigg, author of the bestseller The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business to see if he’d share how his findings may help us therapists, both personally and professionally.

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How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime

Pediatrician and TED Speaker Nadine Burke Harris on Treating the "Whole Person"

Ryan Howes • 6/8/2019

By Ryan Howes - Several years ago, pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris had a eureka moment when she discovered the adverse childhood experiences study (ACEs), which helped her realize her young patients with the most stubborn physical ailments were coping with all kinds of traumas.

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Trauma Therapy Meets Theater

An Unusual Program is Helping Vets Rewire from War

Ryan Howes • 3/2/2019

By Ryan Howes - Therapists know that words can heal. But what if the words were in iambic pentameter and delivered from a stage? Veteran and professional actor Stephan Wolfert is testing a PTSD intervention that for decades has been pairing classical theater training with the science of trauma.

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Learning to Relish the Challenge

A Motivation Expert Weighs in on the Downside of Overpraise

Ryan Howes • 11/30/2018

By Ryan Howes - Should we praise children, students, clients, and ourselves for being smart people who earn top marks? According to motivation expert and bestselling author Carol Dweck, praising intelligence often creates people devoid of resilience and motivation. It’s far more important, she says, to enhance people’s ability to tackle adversity and persevere.

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Total Liberation: A Buddhist Approach to Healing

Ryan Howes • 11/9/2021

What would therapy look like if the focus was on liberating a client from their setbacks, rather than simply diluting their symptoms?

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Unhealed Bodies: Looking at Ancestral Trauma

Ryan Howes • 9/7/2021

Resmaa Menakem, author of My Grandmother’s Hands, discusses racialized trauma and a body-based path to healing.

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The Angry Therapist: Transparency as a Therapeutic Tool

Ryan Howes • 7/12/2021

John Kim believes that a therapist’s own vulnerability helps clients feel comfortable enough to bare their own souls—and he practices what he preaches.

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Casting a Wider Therapeutic Net: Dr. Joy on Therapy for Black Girls

Ryan Howes • 5/5/2021

The founder of a rapidly growing online community helps young Black women candidly discuss and destigmatize mental health issues.

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The Grief We Hold

Loving in the Midst of Loss

Ryan Howes • 3/2/2021

Our soul and our psyche know how to grieve. We don't need to learn it. It's not a technique. What we need to learn is not to avoid it.

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Scaling Up Mental Health: Sharing Our Expertise with a Wider Community

Ryan Howes • 12/30/2020

Psychologist Ali Mattu is on a mission to bring therapeutic principles to the mainstream.

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The Narcissism Trap: Navigating High-Conflict Personality Styles

Ryan Howes • 11/3/2020

An expert on narcissism discusses how to help clients get clear about gaslighting and other abuses in their relationships.

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30 Is Not the New 20

Ryan Howes • 8/26/2020

Why our 20s are a developmental sweet spot, and what therapists should know about helping clients make the most of them.

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How Private Practice Can Survive COVID-19

Ryan Howes • 6/30/2020

Discovering new possibilities for private practice in a time of upheaval—and planning for more uncertainty.

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Listening to Suicidal Clients: How to Get Beyond our Fears

Ryan Howes • 5/1/2020

A suicidologist opens up about her personal struggles and what actually helps when working with suicidal clients.

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Ryan Howes, PhD, ABPP, is a writer and clinical professor at Fuller Graduate School of Psychology.